• Kevin Verpaele and family call Brevard County, Florida “home”

  • Posted on April 25, 2019
  • Kevin Verpaele

    In 2004, with a wife and two children in addition to his college degree from the University of South Florida, Kevin Verpaele relocated his growing family to Florida’s Brevard County. It is there that the family -- now with six children -- would find a home. In the early years of residence, Kevin Verpaele worked with the local Patrick Air Force Base as his wife, the former Kathleen Rao, acted as a nurse in the area. Through 2015, the family moved back and forth from Tampa to Melbourne in Brevard County. But in recent years, they resettled in the region. Kathleen now works in Brevard County as a nurse practitioner in dermatology. Verpaele is currently taking over ownership of a local pest control company, Critter Ridders Pest Control, which offers a variety of services to residents in the county.

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